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AdByEmail website moved to www.Shengzi.net

How to upload an image from my computer?

After create an account & login, please click Upload Image,A form will appear for Uploading images from your computer .

For search the image, please put a specific name for an image like this: Example-image.jpg with the image description.

This website does not allow the users to upload large images. The maximum size of an image is 500 x 389 pixels or 99 KB.


How to add an image on the page?

Add image caption here

To add an image on the page, you or another user must usually Upload an image to AdByEmail.com Image Gallery

Image displaying size: 200 pixels

Simply change image name "example-image" & image caption "Add image caption here" below.

[[File:example-image.jpg|thumb|200px|Add image caption here]]

Only allow to add a 500px image on a page. Image displaying maximum size: 350 x 500 pixels.

[[File:example-image.jpg|left|350px|Add image caption here]]

Note: Upload images for currently approved users only.

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